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Balanced mind in a strong body


Pilates workouts and Mindfulness

Outdoor Pilates full body workouts and Mindfulness classes in Playa de Santiago. The little village is situated on the south coast of La Gomera, one of the smallest Canary Islands. The ever-changing exuberant landscapes and the warm climate on La Isla Mágica make Playa de Santiago the perfect place to strengthen your body and balance your mind.



Full-body workout

Almost everyday you can join a group class with me in Playa de Santiago.

We strengthen and tone the entire body from top to bottom.

My classes are not purely Pilates: we do other bodyweight exercises as well and make use of weights, bands and balls. The 8 principles of Pilates - awareness, balance, breath, concentration, center (core), control, precision and flow - are the foundation for the workout.

Classes are always outdoors in the fresh air with a view on mountains, sea or trees. 

You are training with people who live here and tourists who join for a week or a couple of months.


stress, chronic pain, general well-being


Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be fully present, aware of our feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It involves different meditations (e.g. breathing, bodyscan, mindful movement, loving-kindness) and theory that underpins the meditations. It is an evidence-based approach to reducing stress and pain and promoting well-being.



I am from Holland, but living on La Gomera. After living most of my life in Amsterdam, I wanted to live closer to nature, a warmer climate and a more relaxed life. I visited La Gomera for the first time 12 years ago. The island stole my heart and I wanted to live on La Gomera. Well, that's what happened: I moved 4 years ago to this beautiful island. Enjoying sun, sea, forest, mountains and a laidback atmosphere. 



You can always contact me for more info and for joining classes. Whatsapp is the quickest way to reach me.

Whatsapp: +34 6 4342 6630

Call: +34 6 4342 6630

Avenida Marítima 19, edf Las Vistas

38810 Playa de Santiago - La Gomera

Canary Islands - Spain

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