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I am from Holland, but currently living on La Gomera. After living most of my life in Amsterdam, I wanted to live closer to nature, a warmer climate and a more relaxed life. Being a photographer, I went to La Gomera for the first time 10 years ago to start a photo project. The island stole my heart and now I live my dream: everyday enjoying sun, sea, forest, mountains and a laidback atmosphere.

My original name is Mayke, but that's difficult to pronounce for Spanish people, so now I use Micky most of the time. 

My Story

After having years of lower back pain and two herniated discs, I had to say goodbye almost completely to my life as a photographer. Luckily I did love to workout at the gym too! I did already my Pilates Teacher Training at BASI PILATES-Amsterdam (mat repertoire) to give Pilates classes besides my work as a photographer. 

My classes are not purely Pilates. I developed full-body workouts based on Pilates. In these workouts there is a lot of emphasis on training safely with lower back problems and other physical problems. 

Mindfulness came into my life 4 years ago. At the moment I follow the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program with BREATHWORKS (Manchester). This organisation is globally recognised for their Mindfulness courses for Chronic Pain / Health and Stress.

Mindfulness and Pilates are connected: we are gaining the full benefits of training as our minds are not wandering. Awareness of your body and breath, being kind to yourself and being fully present, are key elements in my classes.



Some of the photos on this website are from the serie Fable of the forest, the project I started 10 years ago on La Gomera. Want to see more? You can see more work on my photography website:

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