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Almost everyday you can join a group class with me in Playa de Santiago. It is a full-body workout, based on the Pilates mat repertoire.

We exercise your entire body from top to bottom.

My classes are not purely Pilates: we also do other bodyweight exercises and make use of bands, weights and balls. The 8 principles of Pilates - awareness, balance, breath, concentration, center (core), control, precision and flow - are applied to any exercise we do.

The workout is designed to challenge every person at his or her own level.


Classes are always outdoors in the fresh air with a view on mountains, sea or trees. 

Going home? Missing La Gomera? You can continue training with me and the others online on Zoom.


You are training with people who live here and tourists who join for a week or stay for a couple of months. While training your body, you can meet a lot of new people. Classes are in English, Spanish or both.


Private classes are possible both outdoors and at your house. The exercises will be focused on your needs. You will advance faster than in the group classes.

When you are a new student it can also be very helpful to take some private classes. To gain knowledge of the Pilates principles and exercises, so you will get the most out of the group classes.

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