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Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be fully present, aware of our feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It involves different meditations (e.g. breathing, bodyscan, mindful movement, loving-kindness) and theory that underpins the meditations. It is an evidenced-based approach to reducing stress and pain and promoting well-being.


Small group sessions (1/2 hr) in english. Every session has two components: explanation of an idea (theory) that underpins the meditation that we are going to practice after. Different aspects of Mindfulness will be covered, all to learn to live with more awareness and thus having a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Meditations: e.g. bodyscan, breathing anchor, sounds, treasure of pleasure, (difficult) thoughts, mindful movement, kindness.


When you have specific wishes, want classes in your own home or just don't like group sessions, I can give you private sessions. E.g. learning how to be less anxious or better able to handle stress or chronic pain. But Mindfulness is not only for people with a problem: learning to be more aware makes your life happier.


At the moment I follow the Teacher Training Program at Breathworks (Manchester). This organisation is globally recognised for their Mindfulness for Chronic pain and Stress courses. 

I hope to be an accredited Breathworks teacher at the end of 2022 and will then offer 8-week courses Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Chronic pain / health.

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